Book Scanners
ScanDiva (A2 Book Scanner)
  • Fast scanning of a full-color 11” x 17” 2-page spread in as little as 6 seconds
  • Scans originals up to 18” x 24” in face-up position to protect book bindings and fragile prints
  • On-screen preview and zoom on the book scanner lets you to view your originals
  • The book scanner lets you create color scans of 3D objects up to 2” high: small collectibles and coins
  • Clean, crisp scan resolution with 24-bit color, 8-bit grayscale, 1-bit B&W imaging
  • Versatile scan modes for books, sheets, 3D objects and 2-page spreads to speed your work
  • Automatic correction for book curvature, center-shadow erasing, and masking fingers holding down pages
  • Powerful ImageDIVA software with intuitive interface makes network scanning and printing quick and effortless

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