Colour Microfilm Deep Tank Processor

In order to achieve a superior image on a microfilm, it is as important to have a good processor to achieve so. MD PRO1 is the ONLY deep tank processor in the world that is able to process colour, black & white, greyscale and even the capability of inline brown toning if required.  

 The technology of microfilm processors have traditionally been constant for many years till the launch of the MD PRO1. MR PRO1 is equipped with the latest technology such as chemistry digital level sensors, smart automatic chemistries replenish system and centralized digital control panel just to name a few. MD PRO1 is also specially designed for high humidity climate countries to ensure that the film is fully developed, washed thoroughly and 100% dried with its longer travelled distance in the processor and unique drying compartment design as compared to a desktop processor. MD PRO1 is also more productive than any other desktop processor as it is able to process 1000ft at any one time thus boasting a higher productivity.

MD PRO1 was designed to make deep tank processors more affordable thus pricing it within the price range of desktop processor but yet packed with far more benefits and advance technology. MD PRO1, is the only choice for a microfilm processor.

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